Let’s Locate

Each year more and more questions from geography that appear in UPSC Prelims require candidates to know Geographical locations on maps. Not only Indian maps, but the Global map.

To help Aspirants remember locations with accuracy, this course covers world political map in addition to physical features like rivers, lakes, mountain systems, seas, grasslands, volcanoes and islands, organized continent-wise for superior clarity.

By having a deeper understanding of the Geographical locations, Prelims questions from Geography can be easily answered.

Join and, let’s learn geography through ‘Let’s Locate’.

Course Curriculum

Let's Locate
Let’s Locate introduction – Class FREE 00:10:00
Let's Locate - Africa
Let’s Locate – Africa – Class 00:42:00
Let's Locate - South America
Let’s Locate – South America – Class 01:02:00
Let's Locate - North America, Central America & Caribbean Islands
North America, Central America & Caribbean Islands – Class 00:36:00
Let's Locate - Asia
Let’s Locate – Asia Part 1 – Class 00:20:00
Let’s Locate – Asia Part 2 – Class 00:23:00
Let’s Locate – Asia Part 3 – Class 00:45:00
Let’s Locate – Asia Part 4 – Class 00:24:00
Let's Locate - India
Lets Locate – India – Class 00:51:00
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