Prelims test series – revised Schedule

What Is Target Prelims 2021?

A comprehensive approach from NEO IAS to help civil service aspirants to clear UPSC civil services exam 2021 without much fuss. Target prelims 2021 is designed in such a way that it includes concept building and  proper revision which will help aspirants to improve their preparations and also to effectively understand the demand of UPSC civil service exam.

Why Should You Choose PTS 2021?

The most successful PRELIMS TEST SERIES in India with more than 20% of the students who joined TARGET PRELIMS 2020 (TPS 20) cleared UPSC CSE Prelims 2020.
On an average more than 50 questions has been asked in UPSC CSE Prelims for the last three years – (direct & related hits)
In depth coverage of complete UPSC Prelims syllabus through test series.

What Will Target Prelims 2021 Offer?


When And Where?

Target Prelims 2021 is live now.
It can be taken both Offline and Online.
Offline tests can be taken from our center at Kochi – Registration can be done offline at the Kochi center.
Online tests can be taken through NEO IAS eLearning platform. For Registration – click on Take this course.

We have a state of the art eLearning test platform to enhance your test experience at your convenience

All questions will be asked from standard sources generally recommended for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation.

Course Curriculum

Prelims Test Series
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