What is Science & Technology Mains 2022?

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY MAINS 2022 is a comprehensive mains course of Science & Technology for the Civil Service Mains Examination. These exclusive mains-oriented classes will give aspirants clear insights into important topics of science & technology from a UPSC mains point of view, so that they will be well equipped to tackle the dynamic nature of UPSC Civil Service Mains Examination. NEO IAS provides the Best Coaching for Civil Service Prelims examination

Highlights of Science & Technology Mains 2022

Complete coverage of mains syllabus of Science & Technology
Comprehensive Study Material (pdf)
Conceptual clarity in all important mains Science & Technology concepts
Mains Answer Writing Session with Feedback
Individualized Mentorship

Subjects Covered under Science & Technology Mains 2022

Space Technology
Information & Communication Technology
Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
Nuclear Technology

You can watch our first class by clicking on the course listed below. Please signup to watch the free lesson. The content will be updated and uploaded below, under the curriculum tab and once you purchase, you are free to watch lessons at your convenience. NEO IAS is the best training provider for UPSC Civil service Examination. We strive to be in line with the standards of UPSC to help you make your preparation easier.


Happy Preparation!

Course Curriculum

1. Genomics and Genetically Modified Organisms
Genomics and Genetically Modified Organisms part 1 – Class 00:48:00
Genomics and Genetically Modified Organisms part 2 – Class 00:42:00
Genomics and Genetically Modified Organisms – PDF 00:10:00
2. Applications of Biotechnology
Applications of Biotechnology part 1 – Class 00:56:00
Applications of Biotechnology part 2 – Class 00:36:00
Applications of Biotechnology – PDF 00:10:00
Space Technology Part 1 – Class 01:01:00
Space Technology Part 2 – Class 00:42:00
Space Technology – PDF 00:10:00
Robotics – Class 01:03:00
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