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Our students are provided with the Test Series support with it’s evaluation by the Director and other experts. Besides, a detailed discussion about strategy, the problems faced by our students and all other aspects related to the exam shall be discussed. Apart from this, there are many services offered to our students exclusively to supplement their efforts towards success. These include:


Success to civil services examination is the right combination of right strategy and optimum time management. You must be aware of the fact that in civil service examination preparation, there is 90% misguidance and just 10% right guidance.

To enable the students to plan their exam in the right direction, all our students can mail us on ( to discuss any matter related to their preparation viz. How to prepare, how much time should be devoted to which subject, what are the core areas to be emphasized, what books/ magazines/ newspapers etc. must be read and more.


This is an important aspect of preparation. It makes you to scientifically understand the areas in which you are weak and what are your strengths. It enables to work on your weaknesses and consolidate your strengths.

For every student who attends the free orientation session, we conduct a SWOT Analysis, which helps them to enhance their skills for the civil services examination.


Everybody understands the importance that newspaper plays in the Civil Services Exam. However most of the students especially the beginners fail to understand which news should they read and how should they read the news.

As far as “HOW” the news should be read is concerned, it shall be discussed in the class room sessions. However, to know “WHICH” news should be read, we shall send you a email or Telegram App daily containing the Important HEADLINES from the major newspapers.

You can read only those news. This will save a lot of your time and will help you focus only on important news rather than reading every news. However, we will strongly advice you to discuss “HOW” the news should be read before you start reading a newspaper.

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