Focus Mains 2021

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What Is Focus Mains 2021?

Focus Mains 2021 is a comprehensive program for Civil Service Mains Examination 2021 which covers the entire syllabus of mains examination and enables the aspirants to have an upper hand over fellow aspirants.

Highlights Of Focus Mains 2021

Complete coverage of syllabus from Mains point of view
Duration of 160 Sessions (300 hours)
Dedicated study materials
Quality Addition Answer writing for Mains (QAAM) 2021
Mains Test Series of 17 tests
Lucid Mains Current Affairs
Validity of the course is till the UPSC Mains Examination 2021 or completion of 5 views
Essay Mentor

Subjects Covered
Subjects No. Of Sessions
Economy 25
History 25
Polity 15
Geography 15
Ethics 15
Environment 5
Science And Technology 10
International Relations 15
Social Justice 10
Indian Society 10
Internal Security 10
Governance 5
Disaster Management 5


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